Content Manager: Why You Need One and How to Find the Best

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Regardless of your organisation, marketing and sales are crucial functions that significantly contribute to a business’s success. These tactics help you attract new customers, retain existing ones, and increase revenue. They also work together to help companies identify their target audience, develop products and services that meet their needs, and communicate their value proposition to potential customers. 

Although your business may have compelling advertising materials and quality offerings, you wouldn’t be where you are now without the help of a content manager. Despite having various titles in the industry, this professional is responsible for ensuring modern marketing and sales success. 

This article will define who a content manager is, why you need them, and how to find the best professional for your company’s needs. 

What Is a Content Manager?

A content manager’s job title and duties may differ based on background and company size, but they have a consistent goal. This professional leads an organisation’s content marketing efforts to increase website traffic, generate leads, and boost sales. They’re also responsible for ensuring timely and high-quality content creation. 

Why Does Your Organisation Need This Professional?

Buyers rely more on the content’s quality to make informed purchase decisions, so your company must create high-quality content. Hiring a full-time, in-house content manager can help ensure consistency and effectiveness. On the other hand, working with freelancers or dividing content among team members isn’t viable, as it requires a dedicated professional to plan, write, edit, publish, distribute, and analyse content. 

What Are the Daily Responsibilities of Content Managers?

Besides ensuring the team consistently publishes high-quality content, content managers interview subject matter experts, collaborate with the sales team, and improve search performance. They’ll also update existing content and oversee other areas where content is critical. 

What Are the Traits of a Good Content Manager?

When hiring a content manager, find a passionate writer and storyteller, a clear and effective communicator who can give and receive feedback, a lifelong learner, and a teacher at their core. They must also be creative and organised and know how to collaborate well with other team members. 

While many applicants may possess the required hard skills, remember that their soft skills will significantly influence their long-term job performance. 

Do Candidates Need Industry Experience?

To perform this role well, the ideal candidate must be a skilled writer and communicator. Although it would be great to find someone with industry-specific expertise and a passionate writer, it’s not always feasible, especially in sectors that don’t heavily focus on writing. Thus, companies consider industry knowledge a bonus rather than a requirement for a content manager. Remember that it’s easier to train a skilled writer on the specifics of your business than to teach a professional how to write effectively.

3 Steps to Hire the Best Content Manager

After defining this professional, their daily responsibilities, and the needed qualifications, here’s how to find the best content manager for your company. 

1. Post the Job Listing

Begin by downloading and customising a free job description template for a content manager role to attract quality candidates with desired traits and specific expectations. Remember to set realistic expectations by preparing all the necessary information. 

2. Conduct an Interview 

When hiring a content manager for your company, ask open-ended questions about their past experiences, like their approach to operating with a process. Also, ask if they have any questions for you as the interviewer.

3. Organise a Situation Activity

After the interview, you must now assess their abilities. This test goes beyond preparing a writing task; it should also involve a conversation with a knowledgeable specialist in the field. 


Effective sales and marketing are crucial to your organisation’s success, regardless of size or offering. Hiring a reputable content manager can propel your group to greater heights. 

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