Tips for strengthening your social media accounts​

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It goes without saying that social media is one of the strongest tools when it comes to marketing your brand, growing your business and networking. The problem a lot of business owners face is not knowing how to utilise the platforms to their advantage.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as posting a photo and hoping for the best. What is the point in posting a photo if nobody sees or engages with it? 

While having a large social media following may look impressive, it doesn’t necessarily translate to sales. So how do you grow a successful social media account that will enhance your business?

1. Identify your brand​

Your social media platforms should be a reflection on who you are as a business and brand. It is another way of letting your customers know what you are all about.

You are a unique business, and this should be portrayed through your brand message on your social media platforms. 

Don’t be afraid to tell your story and stand out from your competitors, however this doesn’t mean you should try and do everything. Focus on your business and this will be easily reflected in your brand.

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2. Plan ahead of today​

One of our most valuable tips to any business is to plan ahead when it comes to social media.

As a business, you will already be very busy day to day and can easily forget to post on your social media which will lead to stagnant looking accounts. Planning ahead is key to building a successful social media account to ensure your posts are consistent and engaging. We advise a 3-4 week plan so that you don’t post in a rush, this can then be adapted as and when.

3. 70:30 rule​

Whilst the ultimate goal is to gain new business, that is not the sole purpose of social media.

As a brand, the aim is to be more sociable and engage with your customers, therefore using a 70:30 ratio when it comes to sales post is ideal.

70% of what you’re posting should encourage a relationship between you and your customers without pushing any form of sale. This will show your followers that you’re genuine and value their engagement.

30% of posts should be sales related to your product or services, to gently remind your followers what you can offer them.

Interacting with followers on instagram

4. Be consistent and persistent​​

The key to strengthening your social media accounts are to be consistent, and persistent. 

Consistent posts are vital to growing your followers and increasing engagement. This doesn’t necessarily have to relate to the content you put on your platforms, although we would advise if you pick a theme to stick to it for visual purposes! With the majority of sites now using algorithms, posting regularly will increase engagement and ensure your content is seen. 

When it comes to any social media platform, you have to be persistent. There is no such thing as an overnight success, and it takes time to grow genuine followers and customers who really invest in your brand. It will be worth the time and wait!

5. Utilise call to actions

Call to actions posts aren’t as daunting as they sound! In fact they are the opposite.

These are basically captions that encourage your followers to interact with your post or page with ‘like’ ‘share’ ‘comment your favourite emoji’ ‘tag friends’ and ‘follow’ prompts. These can also be used in conjunction with any competitions and giveaways, and are a great way of getting your account seen by people outside of your current network.

6. Be sociable

There is a reason it is called social media so the clue is in the name, don’t be afraid to be sociable!

Instead of seeing similar businesses as competition, you should interact with them, show support and even use them for collaborations!

To gain organic and real customers you should speak to your followers. Respond to any comments, follow them back and like their pictures!

If you would like more tips on how to strengthen your own social media platforms please do get in touch! We would love to speak to you.