How to edit Instagram photos

How to edit Instagram photos scaled

Instagram – a platform used my millions to share images of their lives to the world or to a select handful of people. A place where businesses can flourish, share their products with their customers and even obtain new customers along the way, which is why it is so important the way in which you edit Instagram photos.

As a photo sharing platform, for businesses it is vital that your brand and products are portrayed in the best light in order to engage with your customers, and ultimately drive sales.

The most common question we get asked is ‘what’s the best way to edit Instagram photos?’. Well if you’ve found this blog because you are also asking the same question…then carry on reading

Photo Quality

Quality over quantity! And the new phones create so much opportunity for small or large brands to capture beautiful images at the click of a button…no agency required! The days of fuzzy Instagram photos are behind us and if you’re a business that is just starting out and looking to keep costs down then phone photos will work wonders for you.

Edit Instagram Photos with Lighting

Lighting is key to taking and editing an Instagram photo. If the lighting isn’t good when taking the image itself, it will be so much harder to edit to make the photo look professional and reflect your brand. Depending on the type of image you wish to take, always aim to use natural light where possible. Our top tip if shooting an image outside would be to avoid shooting at midday as typically this is when the sunlight is at its harshest and won’t do your photos any justice.

If you’re a fashion brand looking to take model shots you may want to pay attention to ‘golden hour’. This is the moment just before the sun sets for the evening and casts a gorgeous golden haze, which is beautiful for capturing natural, flattering, and glowy images.

If you’re a restaurant looking to enhance your menu items through bold and striking photography that leaves your followers drooling with every scroll they take on your Instagram page, you may opt for studio lighting or lighting from the window in your restaurant.

Photo Composition

The composition of your photos plays a key role in how they look both professionally and to your customers. In other words, it is a way of analysing the layout of your images, whether it be for a fashion shoot, flat lays of your food or elegant photos for a jewellery brand. Look at your image as a whole and play around with different angles and props.

Should you shoot that particular food photo from above? Would your outdoor fashion shoot be better angled if the sun was behind the camera? Should the jewellery be laid out flat or on a model?

Take time to think about what you want to portray in your image and how you want it to be received by your target audience on Instagram. Does the photo sell your product in the best way possible?

We find Pinterest to be a fantastic source of inspiration when it comes to different photoshoots. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with not knowing the best photos to take, and what angles to use then take a look on there! Aim to take an image that brings not only your brand, but your Instagram feed to life!

Edit Instagram Photos with Theming & Presets

When deciding which Instagram pages to follow, the one thing that always catches our eye is how the page as a whole is laid out and themed. We like pages that look aesthetically appealing throughout, whether that’s through similar imagery or presets that colour theme a page.

It’s good to consider the bigger picture when building up your photos on Instagram. You’ve got a high quality image, that has great lighting and composition spot on, but what does it look like sat side by side the other images you’ve taken? Do the photos complement each other? A great way of knowing this is by using the app called Preview. This allows you to upload your photos onto the app before posting them on Instagram, and preview how they look!

Theming your page is a great way to establish your brands identity through images. If you have a distinctive colour scheme or way of taking photos it is likely that your customers will recognise you as a brand before they have even had a chance to look at the username.

There are ways in which you can theme your pages without investing money. Simply editing or tweaking your Instagram photos in the same way each time can work wonders. Or perhaps you want to do a quote every 5 posts to create a theme in this way (example below). However you decide to edit your Instagram try and be consistent throughout to create a visually appealing page.

If you would like to discuss your social media marketing requirements with us please do not hesitate to contact us. Similarly if you would like to obtain a professional photo shoot for your social media then we can arrange this for you.