Social media trends to look out for in 2020

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The past decade has seen a huge rise in social media marketing and more specifically trends that surround the social media epidemic with more than 3.5 billion active users daily, endlessly browsing the various platforms.

Before we get stuck into new trends to focus on and before you set your 2020 marketing goals let’s take a look at who is exactly on these platforms.

It is estimated that more than 90% of millennials regularly use at least one social media platform, with 85% of Generation Z learning about new products through social media. It’s therefore not hard to see why marketers believe social media is an effective part of their business.

As we begin a new decade it is with no doubt that social media marketing will play a huge role for brands going forward. So what social media trends and changes should you be looking out for and focusing on in 2020 and more importantly where should you position your brand to reach your target audience?

New Year No Likes on Instagram:

It is no hidden secret that brands, and more specifically users fixate on the amount of likes and comments a post reaches on Instagram and that this is used as a way to measure popularity, influence buying behaviours and give validation to brand recognition. But is this really demonstrating all of these things or is it a way for users themselves to feel more included on these platforms and ‘following the crowd’ instead of actually liking the content itself.

Going into 2020 Instagram will start filtering the removal of likes across user profiles (if they haven’t already done this on yours!) and although you will be able to see your own amount of likes you won’t be able to see the amount of likes on other peoples posts.

A trend to adapt sooner rather than later in 2020 would be to look more in depth at user demographics and relevant user data to truly understand your audience and therefore market to them accordingly instead of relying on the amount of likes a post gets.

Video content is key:

Video content continues to be one of the most important trends going into 2020, with it estimated to translate into 82 percent of all online traffic by 2022 according to Social Media Week. Social media platforms continue to find ways to prioritise video content and an important marketing strategy for 2020 would be to create engaging video content for your brand.

However it’s not just your content that needs to be engaging and story telling, but you also need to analyse where viewers are watching your videos, with 92% of mobile viewers sharing videos with others according to Social Media Week. That therefore poses another question – are you optimising your videos for mobile viewing to get the most out of your audience? We will touch on video marketing in our next blog!


With video content leading the future for social media marketing it is no surprise that TikTok is leading the way with Generation Z users, pathing the way for a new influx of influencers and mirco influencers to create fresh and engaging content without the ‘hard sell’ that other platforms have become known for. Perhaps a platform to keep your eye on this year!

Instagram and Snapchat Stories continue to grow:

Ephemeral content, that only lasts a short period of time such as Instagram and Snapchat stories are the perfect way to keep your audience engaged.

With the fast passed scrolling of social media, it is important to catch the attention of your followers and ephemeral content is the perfect way to do this. Not only is it engaging but it allows you to get a point across in seconds. It is no wonder that users can become addicted to flicking through story after story.

The rise of social commerce:

Social commerce will continue to soar in 2020 with platforms such as Instagram and Facebook being used by brands to sell their products. This new retail avenue will become increasingly popular in 2020 with more platforms incorporating shoppable posts, making it even easier for consumers to purchase through social media.

Influencer Marketing:

A lot feared the removal of likes from Instagram would be the downfall of influencer marketing however this is proving to be quite the contrary.

Investing in influencers is a much cheaper marketing strategy than running paid advertising campaigns and yet still delivers high results. Marketers are not just going after top influencers however, the rise of mirco-influencers is a trend not to be missed in 2020.

Connecting with customers:

Social media platforms started out as a means for brands to share content and allow users to keep up to date with the latest trends and on goings within a business. However, it has become more than that in the past few years.

Platforms are now being used as store fronts, product discovery platforms and now as a customer service channel. Social media allows brands to become much more accessible through direct messaging and more and more businesses are noticing customers reaching out to them in this way.

From questions, to complaints, businesses want to control any negative connotations that come with this therefore it is no wonder why brands are adapting this new form of customer service.

To conclude, there is no one set rule when it comes to social media marketing, and this needs to be tailored to your marketing goals, target audience and requirements. However adopting upcoming trends for 2020 and incorporating these into your strategy will help you build your social media platforms and keep ahead of your competitors.

If you need help creating and growing your social media in 2020 then please do get in touch with us today.