Social media tips during Coronavirus

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The one question on all of our clients lips is whether to continue with their social media marketing strategies during the world crisis that is COVID-19.

The answer is absolutely yes! We encourage all of our clients and businesses who find themselves in the same predicament to continue with their social media marketing and to thing of the long term, not short term.

With marketing budgets being cut in half over the upcoming months, and businesses unsure on how ride out this storm, we’re giving a way a few quick and easy tips to apply to your social media marketing over the upcoming months:

Switch up the content

During times like these we would advise against posting content that you have planned and scheduled a few weeks ago! Posting content that you had originally planned to post prior to COVID-19 may now be irrelevant, or worse insensitive to the ongoing situation! Review your social media marketing content plan and redo it accordingly!

Don’t avoid the C word

You may not know how to address the topic or the ‘right’ thing to say, however over the next few weeks, or maybe even months we would advise to touch on the subject, or better yet make appropriate content that meets your followers emotional needs. This could be reassuring, inspiring or maybe even amusing, whatever you think your social media followers need from you right now!

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Use the knowledge and understanding you have for your business to create content that is actually helpful to your audience! This could be things like tips, advice, strategy, what you’re doing as a business to get through these difficult times, but more importantly transparency and honesty! This will go along way for you as a business once we get through this pandemic!

Continue to sell your products or services on social media

Some people think if we carry on as normal this is being insensitive or naive to what is going on around us, but quite the contrary. If we all panic and stop buying from each other we are only adding fuel to the economic fire. With this in mind however, as mentioned about you will need to pay attention to how you market your products or services during these times.

If you would like to discuss your social media marketing needs or would like more help and advice on keeping on top of your marketing during these uncertain times please do get in touch with us hello@oneofonegroup.co.uk.