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With Coronavirus currently affecting the entire world and cases being on the rise in London, it is no wonder why our attention diverts to how deeply it is affecting London businesses.

With no signs of slowing down at any time soon, Coronavirus is truly taking over, however, businesses should not feel completely out of control or out of touch with their customers.

We have witnessed first hand how out of control Coronavirus has become and how it is affecting London businesses, with many of our clients experiencing cancelled events, dinner reservations and potential closures over the following weeks whilst the UK Government try and handle Coronavirus as best they can.

The first thing a business tends to cut during uncertain times is their marketing, and we could have endless debates on the pros and cons of why you would choose to do so, but do we think it is the right move to make? Absolutely not.

There’s one thing for certain during this Coronavirus outbreak and that is more and more people are hoping onto social media for the latest updates, whilst they’re ‘working from home’, self isolating or simply online shopping to escape the Coronavirus altogether. If there is one thing businesses can control during this outbreak it is their online presence!

Here are our top tips for businesses during #COVID19

Everyone’s turning to social media

With no-one really knowing when the Coronavirus will die down it is no wonder why everyone is jumping onto social media to keep up with all things #COVID19.

Whilst you might not have much to say on the topic yourself, just because the world is in a frenzy and not leaving their homes doesn’t mean your target audience aren’t still looking and searching for you online. This is prime time to be advertising your business and promoting your services even more, with your customers continuously scrolling.

Keep in touch

No-one appreciates the unknown, and in fact, saying nothing can cause more stress and uncertainty than addressing the topic head on. During this Coronavirus outbreak, we strongly urge businesses to keep in touch with their customers.

Providing updates on closing hours, restrictions, cancellations, and having the correct contact information displayed on all social media platforms and websites is a priority in maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We would suggest updating all your social media platforms including your Google my Business page so that your customers know what’s going on!

If you do regular mail outs now might also be a good time to send out an update on your services.

Take it online during Coronavirus

Business must go on, and instead of having face to face meetings why not arrange a Skype call instead where possible? That way you keep on top of your business whilst also adhering to the needs of your clientele. Don’t let Coronavirus defeat you!

Everyone is watching during Coronavirus

Whilst one thing is for certain, everyone is leaning towards staying indoors instead of venturing out, we can assure you that everyone is still watching!

Watching Netflix, YouTube, what you’re posting on social media…the list goes on.

You may be facing business closures in the next few weeks and sending staff to work from home but you can’t ignore the online world who are continuously watching.

If you’re on YouTube, now would be a great time to publish more content and engage new viewers who are self isolating and need any form of distraction! If you’re not on YouTube, now would also be a great time to hop onto the channel and reach your ‘what use to be walk in clients’, online instead!

So during a time when you think ‘what’s the point in advertising’ think again and remember the online world doesn’t stop!

If you would like to discuss your social media marketing needs or would like more help and advice on keeping on top of your marketing during Coronavirus please do get in touch with us hello@oneofonegroup.co.uk.

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